12 Apr 2018

Hepatitis E Workshop Madrid 2018

Submitted by Tanja.Strand@sva.se

The next Med-Vet-Net workshop is focused on HEV by a One Health approach, and is entitled Hepatitis E: Paradigm of a food-borne zoonotic emerging disease in Europe. The meeting will take place in Madrid from the 4th to the 5th June and be hosted by the VISAVET Health Surveillance Centre of Universidad Complutense Madrid.

This meeting, open to the worldwide scientific community working on hepatitis E, will connect professionals from different expertise areas (clinicians, veterinarians, epidemiologists, food officers and policy makers).

16 Jan 2018

Bologna 10-12th of September 2018. The aim of the conference is to explore how EcoHealth and One Health approaches are being evaluated and implemented in practice, to learn about changes in institutional and regulatory structures at national and international levels and to discuss how the process of translating science into practice can be promoted further.


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