15 Feb 2013

Environmental health film (Paris, France)

Submitted by ohsadmin

Check out an inspiring environmental health film at the 30th International Environmental Film Festival. in Paris 19 - 26 February!

Learn more about how your health is intricately linked to our environment by watching a series of health and environment documentaries.

You can already view the trailers here along with info on the films and the screening times: http://www.env-health.org/resources/projects/fife-film-festival/health-environment-documentaries/

The films will address:

  • exposure to everyday chemicals
  • human sensitivity to electromagnetic fields
  • the harmful side-effects of “carbon credit” projects in poorer countries
  • the losses to health and well-being from large-scale; genetically-modified agriculture in Argentina
  • the threat to all aspects of health posed by losing traditional rights to land in Australia

The best film will be awarded a trophy and prize at a ceremony on the 26th of February, as part of HEAL´s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Thanks from the HEAL team!

Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL)