About this network

One Health Sweden is a collaboration for researchers with interest in zoonotic infections and antibiotic resistance. One Health Sweden is an integration concept including several universities and governmental organizations that wish to contribute to a sustainable intellectual platform where veterinarians, physicians, molecular biologists, ecologists, environmental chemists etc with an interest in zoonotic infections can interact and create synergies.

The rationale is not to build up new laboratory facilities, but to use and collaborate within already established research structures.
The network was founded in 2010 by Björn Olsen, professor in infectious disease at Uppsala University and senior physician at Uppsala Academic Hospital. He is an ornithologist with an interest in the consequences of interactions between humans, domestic animals and wildlife.

Main partners

Uppsala University, UU
National Veterinary Institute, SVA
Swedish Agricultural University, SLU
Linnæus University, Kalmar, LnU

Steering committee

Jonas Waldenström, LnU (Chair 2016-2017)
Karin Artursson, SVA
Lotta (Charlotte) Berg, SLU
Björn Olsen, UU
Co-opted: Henrik Rönnberg, SLU, and Josef Järhult, UU

Project coordinators

Eva Haxton, UU
Anna Lindberg, SVA (including web)

Managing Editor, IEE Journal

Tomas Edgren, UU

Annual report

The following organizations contributed financially in 2016

  • Uppsala University: Part time coordinator, One Health-educational activities, editor for the One Health Journal and other administration and running costs.
  • National Veterinary Institute, SVA, has contributed with 30% project coordination and direct running cost contribution of 10 000 SEK. SVA has also managed the website.
  • The Swedish Agricultural University, SLU: 100 000 SEK contribution to coordination, travel to steering group meetings and seminar activities, as well as co-financing of the running costs for the One Health Journal.
  • Linnéus university, Kalmar, has contributed 10 000 SEK to OHS-administration and running costs.
  • The Swedish Research Council Formas has contributed to OHS’s annual Scientific conference with 86 000 SEK.
  • Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) has contributed to OHS’s annual Scientific conference with 95 000 SEK.

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