28 Sep 2012


Submitted by ohsadmin

Welcome to the next IEE pub which will be held at Grindstugan Tuesday 9th of October at 17.00

Two short lectures. Sofie Ivarsson from SMI will tell us about food borne zoonoses and how SMI handles monitoring and outbreaks. Johan Höglund/Andrea Miller from SLU will tell us about a newly started project, “The significance of rodent communities for the distribution of Echinococcus multilocularis: ecological and experimental investigations”.

After these presentations with discussion, we will serve food. Beer and wine will be available at own expense.

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food will be served. To calculate the amount of food we need to know the number of participants. Please send an email to Karin Troell no later than Friday 5th of October to let us know if you would like to attend.

Best regards,
Karin Troell

Tuesday, 9 October, 2012 - 17:00