11 May 2012

NordMus Rodent Network

Submitted by ohsadmin

NordMus is a network created to facilitate the contact between rodent-interested scientists and investigators in the Nordic-Baltic area. The aim of the network is to increase sharing of knowledge and biological materials, and promote interdisciplinary cooperation by rodent-investigators who have an interest in rodent ecology, rodent diseases and their epidemiology.

During autumn 2011 National Veterinary Institute (SVA) put together a report about rodent investigations in Sweden since 1980. The purpose of this was to create an overview over Swedish rodent investigations, to identify investigators and to locate stored samples.  Working with this report brought our attention to that the contact between the rodent-investigators is scarce and that we would benefit of knowing more about each other's work.

If you are interested participating in our activities and belonging to our network please contact:

  • Mare Löhmus (National Veterinary Institute, Uppsala, Sweden): mare.lohmus [at] sva.se
  • Anders Angerbjörn (Department of Zoology, Stockholm University): anders.angerbjorn [at] zoologi.su.se
  • Gert Olsson (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies): gert.olsson [at] slu.se