8 Nov 2016

Meeting with One Health Romania

Submitted by Karin Artursson

Report from Meeting in Bucharest September 21-25, 2016 with One Health Romania



The introduction of One Health Romania to One Health Sweden and other One Health alliances.



Approximately 200 policy makers and researchers. The conference was supported by the President of Romania. Among the participants were 19 invited speakers, including the Acting Director of ECDC (Andreea Ammon), leading persons from One Health Initiative (Lisa Conti and Laura Kahn), One Health Commision (Cheryl Stroud), Duke Global Health Institute (Gregory Gray), Federation of European Academies of Medicine (Bernard Charpentier) and World Veterinary Association (Zoran Katrinca). One Health Sweden was represented by Karin Artursson, SVA and SLU, Josef Järhult, UU and Anders Lindström, SVA.



Day 1: Visits to partners of One Health Romania; Spiru Haret University (a private university in Bucharest), Institute of Food Biotechnologies and ROMVAC Company (a producer of vaccines and immunoglobulins).

Day 2 and 3: ”One Health European Interregional Conference 2016” with in total approx. 65 presentations on different One Health related topics, spanning from infectious diseases to comparative medicine.

Day 4: Post conference tour with opportunities for networking



  • A successful introduction of One Health Romania and a well arranged conference.

  • Many new contacts between participants and representatives for One Health Romania.

  • Some ideas about possible collaborative research areas. Potential projects should involve both human and veterinary expertise.

From a Swedish point of view the research ideas of interest are mainly in the areas of surveillance of avian influenza and antibiotic resistance, and the geographical distribution of mosquitos in river delta areas in Romania.

Such projects will give knowledge about:

  • the migration of different mosquito species from the south to the north, affected by climate change,

  • which viruses the mosquitos carry,

  • surveillance of the introduction of avian flu into the area,

  • antibiotic resistance carried by the birds,

  • the transmission potential between different viruses and bacteria between wild waterfowl and poultry,

  • the possibility to advice on the improvement of biosecurity on poultry farms in the area.

The project ideas are for discussion with our Romanian partners. The most important benefit for Sweden in future collaborative projects in suggested areas would be early awareness of the occurrence of vectors and diseases that have a potential to spread to Sweden in the near future.

One Health Romania strive for collaborative agreements with all institutes and alliances invited to the meeting.



It is impressive how One Health Romania in a short time has managed to form a One Health team with in total 19 national partners from different disciplines. The initiative is very inclusive and the orientation is very much towards comparative medicine and to some extent a bit different from the main scope of other One Health initiatives. In order for the concept One Health to be accepted worldwide it is important to continue to build on existing alliances and keep a true scientific approach.


For One Health Sweden

Karin Artursson Josef Järhult Anders Lindström