19 May 2016

Public defense: Kristina Osbjer

Submitted by Karin Artursson

We are pleased to announce that DVM Kristina Osbjer at the department of Clinical sciences (SLU, Uppsala) will ‘nail’ her thesis (i.e. officially announce that the thesis is ready to be defended at a public examination):

Zoonoses in Rural Cambodia – A One Health Perspective on Influenza and Campylobacter.

This event will take place on Thursday May 19th at 14.00 in the western part of the lunch room on the fifth floor.
Everyone is cordially welcome!
The public dissertation will take place on Friday June 10th  at 09.15 in the Audumbla auditorium, VHC, entrance floor.
Ulf Magnusson   Sofia Boqvist    Mikael Berg


Friday, 10 June, 2016 - 09:15