22 Oct 2015

The thematic day on zoonotic infections 2015

Submitted by ohsadmin

The One Health Sweden thematic day on zoonotic infections on October 14th at SciLifeLab in Uppsala turned out very successfully, in spite of some initial technical problems.

We had 75 registered participants and a number of distinguished speakers, such as Björn Andersson, KI, Carol Esson, James Cook University, Australia, Jenny Frössling, SLU. Åke Lundkvist, UU, Dolores Gavier-Widén, SVA and many more! Plus a number of very interesting posters, of course.

Thanks to all participants for good discussions – including during the breaks -, and also a warm thank you to Anna Lindberg, Eva Haxton and Tanja Strand, who made all the practical arrangements for this event!

Some of the speakers have kindly provided their slides, see links in the programme below.

Photos from the event are shown above, right (photos by Staffan Tamm).



Opening words


Biosecurity on Swedish livestock farms – attitudes and behaviour among farmers and farm visitors

Jenny Frössling, epidemiologist, SVA/SLU

Benefit or risk - dogs as medical therapy in health care?

Birgitta Lytsy,

MD, PhD, Akademiska sjukhuset

Wildlife disease in snow leopards in Mongolia via a One Health approach

Carol Esson, PhD student, James Cook University, Australia

The emergence of tularemia from a One Health perspective

Video: Infectious diseases in wildlife

Dolores Gavier-Widén, DVM, SVA

Lunch and posters


Metagenomics in zoonotic research


Björn Andersson, Professor, KI


May avian influenza virus develop resistance to neuraminidases in the environment?

Anna Gillman, MD, PhD student, Zoonosis Science Center/IMV, UU

Toxoplasma gondii in Swedish pigs

Camilla Wallander, PhD student, SLU

Biosecurity risks of growing yeast on food waste for fish feed

David Huyben, PhD student, SLU

Hantavirus - closer than expected

Åke Lundkvist, Professor, Zoonosis Science Center/IMBIM, UU

Final words, and presentation of Zoonosis lab at ZSC at IMBIM