6 Feb 2013

IEE in the media

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An article entitled "Samarbete i 'One Health'-anda - Antibiotikaresistens i Antarktis" ("Collaboration in the spririt of 'One Health' - Antibiotic resistance in Antarctica") was published by Jonas Bonnedahl, Björn Olsen, Dan Andersson and Charlotte Berg in Svensk Veterinärtidning 2013 Feb. (65): 19-22.  A PDF is available.

In One Health Newsletter, Winter 2012, an article by Thomas P. Monath highlights an IEE paper published in PLoS ONE 2011 by Järhult et al.

10 April 2012: Swedish newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning published an article (in Swedish) by Åke Spross on the topic of Resistant bacteria in hospital wastewater. The article is based on a paper published in Infection Ecology & Apidemiology by Jakob Ryd Ottosson, Per-Åke Jarnheimer, Thor Axel Stenström and Björn Olsen: A longitudinal study of antimicrobial resistant faecal bacteria in sediments collected from a hospital wastewater system.

7 November 2011: Swedish medical journal Läkartidningen reported on a university course for both medical and veterinary students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). In Swedish.

7 November 2011:  Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter published an editorial (in Swedish) entitled Den smygande pandemin ("The sneaking pandemic").


OnKSLAmöte DVT April 4, 2011, a “One Health” seminar was organized by IEE together with The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. Read more about it here (article in danish) produced by Dansk Veterinärtidskrift nr. 8, 2011)



Article as a  PDF. Uniting against infectious disease, “With humans seemingly fighting a losing battle against the invasion of an ever-changing army of infectious diseases, how do we predict and prepare for the next epidemic? Björn Olsen, argues that only a continual collaborative effort between medical and ecological disciplines, to understand the relationship between infectious disease and biodiversity, can hope to stem the tide.Article produced by Projects Magazine - www.projectsmagazine.eu.com