3 Apr 2014

Research pub

Submitted by ohsadmin

Welcome to One Health Sweden pub which will be held at Grindstugan (Uppsala) Thursday 8th of May at 16.30

When we talk about infectious diseases from a one health perspective we are very good in high-lightning human and animal health. Another important aspect, perhaps more often highlighted in research applications, is the societal cost of diseases. To broaden our network’s views the theme of the spring research pub will be about health economics; how these figures we like to use actually are determined. The invited speakers are Kristian Sundström from Agrifoods and Anna Lindberg from The Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI). Kristian will provide us with some examples of cost- riskanalyses for infectious diseases whereas Anna will present the follow-up after the cryptosporidium outbreak in Östersund 2010, economics being one part.

After the presentations food will be served and the discussions continue, hopefully outside in Grindstugan’s garden to enjoy the lovely spring weather. Drinks are at own expense. To calculate the amount of food we need to know the number of participants. Please send an email to anna.lindberg [at sva.se] no later than Friday 2nd of May to let us know if you would like to attend.


Thursday, 8 May, 2014 - 16:00