12 Dec 2013

Managing Disease in Bangladesh

Submitted by ohsadmin

Together with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala University offer a master program in infection biology with the aim to empower students with knowledge and tools to predict, detect, prevent and treat infectious diseases.

The third semester of the program includes two-week field training with the main objective to give the students perspectives of infectious diseases in the context of the low-income settings of developing countries. For three years, the destination has been ICDDR,B  (International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh) in Dhaka, where the students experience the community, clinic and laboratory work to develop and implement knowledge for global lifesaving solutions.

As a part of the training course this year, the students were given the task to write short popular science articles on topics related to infectious disease and global health. The different topics were chosen by the students and relevant to what was covered during the course, what they experienced and whom they met during visits to the e. g. the clinics, slum areas and rural out stations. The articles have been assembled into a journal - “Managing Disease in Bangladesh”.

Catharina Svensson, Master Program Coordinator