12 Nov 2013

Research pub

Submitted by ohsadmin


The summer in Sweden is usually the hot mosquito season. However, we decided that now, far from summer is the best time to discuss these bloodsucking beasts. In the network One Health Sweden we have many researchers working on mosquitoes and vector borne diseases. On this next pub we have invited speakers to discuss different mosquito issues including method development for effective measures for vector surveillance.
The speakers are:
Clas Ahlm, UmU: Mosquito borne infections in Sweden.
Tobias Lilja, SVA: Identification of mosquito vectors through metabarcoding.
Göran Bucht, FOI: Identification of Swedish mosquitoes based on molecular barcoding.
Magnus Evander, UmU: Outbreak of mosquito borne Ockelbo-Sindbis in Northern Sweden 2013.
After the presentations food will be served and the discussions continue. There will be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food available. Drinks are at own expense. To calculate the amount of food we need to know the number of participants. Please send an email to karin.troell [at] sva.se no later than Friday 29th of November to let us know if you would like to attend.

Thursday, 5 December, 2013 - 16:30