25 Sep 2013

One Health Sweden questionaire

Submitted by anna.lindberg

In May a questionaire was send to the members of One Health Sweden to be able to evaluate what the members think about the network. The response rate was 33% (out of 208 members at that time) so we can not draw too many conclusions, but some issues are worth mentioning.

  • There is an interest in participating in lunch seminars using video link (38 persons would like to participate, but only five would be willing to act as hosts).
  • The scientific meetings are highly appreciated, but only a minor part (17 persons) of those who responded think there is a need to further develop the discussion groups. We take this as an indication that it is sufficient to meet in the groups once a year at the scientific meeting.
  • Some people have established new scientific collaborations as a result of their membership in the network (26 persons).
  • Most people have not used the member database to search for other competences. Perhaps a reminder would be in order: To use the member database you first have to log in (“User login” in the right hand column on the start page). If you have forgotten your password use the link “Request new password”. Click on “Member menu – Members” to view the member database or click on “My profile” to update your own profile. All the fields in the member database are searchable using the search box above the members table. Click on the heading in the table to sort by institute or name.