27 Aug 2013

Research pub

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One Health Sweden pub at Grindstugan

Wednesday 9th of October

Since four years Uppsala University has directed funding to One Health activities and research. Within this effort, the joint faculty boards of medicine and pharmacy announced a call to support research in infection biology and antibiotic resistance. Three groups were funded and we had the pleasure to meet them at the research pub at Grindstugan, where they presented their respective projects.

The speakers were:

  • Tanel Punga, (standing in for Göran Akusjärvi), Faculty of Medicine, UU: Towards a better understanding of adenovirus associated diseases.
  • Cecilia Alsmark, Faculty of pharmacy, UU: Bacterial sialidases in parasite genomes- new drug targets.
  • Linus Sandegren, Faculty of Medicine, UU: Selection of resistant bacteria at very low antibiotic levels.

Venue: Grindstugan (Uppsala, Sweden).

58 people attended.  After the presentations food was served and the discussions continued. Photo: Karin Troell.

Wednesday, 9 October, 2013 - 16:30